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Teachers' Day Contest: Social Media Impact On Teens

There are many ways social media can be used by youth in a positive way. It is not just an avenue for socializing. Kids and adolescents can be creative, interact and learn. Social networking provides an alternative way to get students interested in learning with a new and previously unconventional medium. It can also help with homework and group projects. It provides an opportunity for teens to connect with others who share similar interest. Social media sites can provide a place for adolescents to share their interests in art, music, games and blogs with others.

The teen years can be a challenging time and social networks can be places for support when teens go through challenging experiences. Adolescents who use Facebook have been shown to demonstrate more virtual empathy. Social networking can be positive and somewhat easier way for adolescents to get to know and become accepting of others from diverse back grounds. As well as providing social support social media sites can also provide medical support. Adolescents can easily and anonymously seek medical advice.

Although there are many positive aspects of social media, the negative effects on children and adolescents are also numerous. Social media can affect the mental health of teens. The level of effect according to research seems to go up as the intensity of use goes up. Their level of contentment can decrease and their likelihood of getting into trouble or being depressed can increase.

Many adolescents are influenced by the powerful advertising they see on social media sites, and it strongly influences their buying habits. Many of these are not aware that they are individually targeted because the sites keep track of their habits and demographics. These young people and their parents need to be aware of how they are targeted so smarter choices can be made around their spending habits.

Studies have been shower that adolescents and even college students who are on Facebook too much have lower grades. So being a parent I would advise to all of you knowledge of media and technology is good .but its too much use is very negative for our children. so we should be aware of this and try to engage our teens for other good habits and work.

About the Author:

Aditi Garg, M.A., B. Ed.

I am a hardworking, hands-on mother. I am fond of traveling. I am emotional, ever-helpful. Eager to explore this world. Former teacher, now self-employed. Love to spend time with kids.

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