Teachers' Day Contest: Our Children, Our Future; Safe Media, Safe Child


The landscape of this world is ever changing ,right from the explosion of the Big Bang, to the continental drift, then to the rise and fall of civilization, revolution and war, destruction and Peace, rulers and dictators, anarchy to monarchy to polyarchy. people of this planet the so called sixth sense animals are the vulnerable Victims of situations and circumstances synthesized by themselves, as they unfold challenges for their own existence. Man for a better socializing environment disseminate his time and energy in building a world class future for his generation, expecting that imaginative happiness , joy and entertainment born out of his dreams. The reality is in that world man has to lead a life of insecurity , confusion and agitation. Man with his curiosity and intelligence developed technologies to construct a world of his desire to live a life of betterment that guarantees advanced standard living conditions, but in that process the price he pays is unimaginable because , most of the time the cost is he and his generation himself. He gets trapped in the web that spins around himself.


When I started writing this article as the strokes from the pen dampened the paper with ink, my thoughts were prepared to knock my gallery of memories. When I was a teenage boy resources were very limited, books were the only source of information and teachers were placed in hierarchy as the ultimatum of knowledge. Even though the life just passed shunting between school and house. The environment in the classrooms was never preset as they were developed indigenously with emotions and life as per the requirement of the subjects taught and learnt. We were never taught in smart classrooms, all that we taught were to be smart and class. Misconception of the lessons learnt were never a constraint as it generated curiosity that provoked Imagination, necessitated investigation which in turn complimented the highest virtues of mankind gratitude towards the fellow beings and respect for what we possessed. The world outside the school was beyond imagination a house was never just a dwelling place, it is a divine assembly of elderly people to guide and young ones to get guided. The place for instrument that meant to entertain (a radio, tape recorder, television) then available was just corner of a room not the house itself. Is that world available for our children today the answer is NO. Why? To know, keep reading…..


Internet is an ocean of information a potential source to shrink the world at our finger tips. The waves from that ocean are very severe on children. Children Trusting nature and naiveté make them perfect targets for perpetrators both people they know and those they don’t. Eager to know and try new things make them enter in to the world of virtual reality. Children are increasingly becoming rebellious, independent and attention-seeking from people outside.