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A child’s brain develops more than 80% upto age 5, and then keeps growing till about 17 years. A cacophony of media input  in crucial developmental years causes confusion and mixed signals, leading to depression, identity crises, self-doubt, peer pressure, etc.

This program helps children understand the signals coming at them, be confident and explore themselves and stay true to who they are.

Some of the concepts we address are:

 # What is identity?

 # Sense of self

 # Basics of psychology

 # Peer pressure

 # Self-fulfilling prophecies

 # Depression

 # Stress, Expectation management

 # Success and Happiness

incoming: love for our workshops!

Mrs. K. Bharati

Principal, CSDAV Sec. School

" I would like to thank you for conducting such an excellent programme.The students loved everything about the programme and hope we have achieved the goal we are seeking.

Indra Raj

Pre-K Student

" I loved listening to the Little Red Riding Hood story during the workshop. Like we listen to mommy and follow rules on the road, now I also learned to follow some rules while watching Anna, Elsa Frozen and Spiderman along with my brother in iPad. (as told to the facilitator)

Uma Maheswari

Mother of 4-year old

" I was worried about how to break some of the habits my kid picked up from watching cartoons and TV. Thanks to the ChildSafeMedia experts who provided me with enough tools and techniques at the MediaParenting workshop. Now I can help my kid understand how to balance screen time and follow some rules even during her on-screen times. Keep up the good work guys!

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