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The Vision

The Story

Consider this: An average child consumes upto 4 hours of media each day, watching an average of 25,600 commercials per year!  


Parents and educators around the world are concerned that today’s children are subject to a barrage of influences in the form information and entertainment – on TV, on the Internet and on their smartphones.

While media is a powerful tool and has much to offer our children, it is also a double-edged sword that needs careful use. With gender stereotypes, body imagery, crude humour and violence, the standards for acceptable content keeps dipping lower. 


At a stage when their identities are being formed, young girls and boys receive confusing messages about their bodies, relationships, concepts of heroism, etc. that leads them to make inappropriate, unfortunate and sometimes, dangerous choices.


We asked ourselves: How can this world make any progress if we continue to feed our children more and more of the same evil? More importantly, how can we help protect our children from this powerful influence?


The answer: ChildSafeMedia!

ChildSafeMedia is a media awareness initiative to help children, parents and educators safely navigate the world of media and technology – getting the best use of modern technology while avoiding its pitfalls. 

At ChildSafeMedia™, we are concerned about the well-being and development of the future citizens of our planet – our children.  We cannot shut out the world, but we can equip our children with discrimination. Like the mythical swan that filters out milk from water, we can teach our children to filter out good from bad in all the content and be smarter, more aware, more powerful consumers of media.

After all, Knowledge is power!

"To be society's voice of conscience speaking on behalf of children in this era where technology & media evolve and permeate our lives much faster than we are able to actually recognize them.

The Mission

*  To  preserve childhood for children.

*  To foster healthy, physical, mental and emotional child development.

*  To help build the world of our future - one child at a time!

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