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ChildSafeMedia At The Rotary Inner Wheel Club of Madras Presidency.

ChildSafeMedia was invited to the Annual General Body Meeting of Rotary Inner Wheel Club, Chennai.

Dr. Deepa Duraiswamy, our Founder and CEO, addressed a group of 30+ women, and came away inspired with their servant leadership and passion for cause and community.

The Rotary Inner Wheel Club is 18 years old and runs special value-based programs and workshops for students in Government schools. The club members are a motley group of outgoing, service-oriented and fun-loving folks. The theme of the day was Cowboy Western and true to their spirit, most of the assembled ladies were in creative cowboy outfits. Some chose to be cowgirls too!

Deepa spoke about the growing impact of media on child development and the ChildSafeMedia promise to protect childhood for children.

The group reciprocated her feelings and expressed support for the ChildSafeMedia cause. Many of them had school-going and college-going kids, some of them were grandmoms. They were so excited to receive the ideas and solutions offered by ChildSafeMedia for they understood how it articulated the unspoken fears of all the moms and grandmoms seated there. They listened with deep attention, agreed vociferously on our problem statements and loved our solution. The need for such programs was felt deeply around the room.

Many in the room volunteered to contribute their services to take this to as many children as we can - as volunteers to train, to write and to associate in different roles. The President of the Club is keen to include ChildSafeMedia in their projects for the year. We look forward to a great partnership. Thank you Inner Wheel!

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