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New Launch: Traditional Games from ChildSafeMedia

Traditional Games Indian Express

ChildSafeMedia is thrilled to announce the launch of a new range of traditional games. The games were launched on Vijayadasami Day (30 September 2017) at Kadaiveedhi, a mompreneur exhibition held at Rajalakshmi Hall, Chetpet, Chennai.

ChildSafeMedia has been working to help parents, educators and children get the best out of media and technology while avoiding its pitfalls, so we can all ensure that every child has a real childhood! Our latest offering is both an endeavor to wean children off 24/7 technology and also to preserve the treasures of a global cultural heritage. One of the constant refrain of parents is, “But how do we entertain the kids without technology!?” Across the world, children have been playing games and entertaining themselves through millennia. We want to introduce some of these to our kids.

Right now, we have Dayakattai in both the traditional 2-player “Vimanam” board and the more modern 4-player format. We also have Aadu Puli Aattam and Noughts & Crosses. Each board comes with either cowrie shells or colored stone pieces. We have a lovely fish-shaped Pallankuzhi set with 81 white cowrie shells. We are adding many more, researching games from all over the world.

Traditional Dayakattai "Vimanam" Board

Dayakattai Four-Player Board

Aadu Puli Aattam, The Goats and Tiger Strategy Game

The larger boards are priced at Rs. 699, the smaller boards are priced at Rs. 499. The Pallankuzhi set is priced at Rs. 999. They are on offer today at the Kadaiveedhi stall. Apart from these, we have tied up with a cultural store called Handpicked Handicrafts to source wooden puzzles, traditional and new form bambarams (tops) and so on.

How are we different? To us, this isn’t about selling a bunch of games. It’s about helping to create a more holistic lifestyle for a child. Something that will make his/ her childhood special and magical and truly happy. So that he/ she can transition wholeheartedly into adulthood.

PS: We are still setting up the online store but we accept orders through our Facebook page or email

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