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Teachers' Day Contest: Impact Of Media On Children

Social media is evolving very quickly and became an important part of socialization. It is impossible to neglect and hide from this new form of media. They offer communication through the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many various blog. These social media sites offer children new ways of communication and entertainment and the long-term effects are still unknown. For this reason it is essential for parents as well as teachers to be more aware of this new media and what it offers both good and bad for our children.

There are many ways social media can be used by children positively. Kids can be creative, interact,and learn in a interesting and unconventional medium. It also provides an opportunity for teens to connect with others who share similar thoughts. Social media provides them a variety of ways to go about making a positive change. Like fundraising campaigns and getting involved in "political events".

Although there are many positive aspects of social media the negative effects are also numerous. It can affects mental health of children. Many forms of cyber bullying can lead to children 's depression and anxiety and cause of many suicides. Children are influenced by the powerful advertising and it strongly influences their buying habits. Children and their parents need to be aware of how they are targeted.

Studies have shown that children and even college students who are on Facebook too much have lower grades.

Now the big question is how does one prevent harmful media "working its magic"? There are things parents should be aware of.

First, parents should monitor their children of proper use, both for content and for time spent. Children are getting in touch with social media at a much early stage begin to create their own account.this age is very crucial and they suffer from sleeping disorder and mood changing behaviour. As a parent deleting the child's account isn't the solution because it's result can be negative. Instead parents should talk with their children. Children are more vulnerable and insecure in their teen-age. They start worrying about self-image and confidence issues. This is more visible in girls. Before it was about local popularity and now it has become global. As social media expands, our society must learn to adapt. It is obvious that children will be curious, but it's important for their mental and physical health that there are limits and guidelines.

As a parents we should take some steps to prevent our kids from its negative impact. Like talking to kids about social media is effective too. It's better to keep eyes on child's behaviour time to time whether they are upset or depressed. Parents should spend some time on the same social networks their teens are using just to track their activities.

Encourage them to try not to keep score. Don't go after small stuff. Don't worry if you're not tagged. Don't count likes.

Encourage your child to put their phones down from time to time and do something else, go shopping, head outside, have fun in other ways . We should also help and participate in these activities. Make them understand about family bonding, get in touch with grand parents , share old memories etc. So according to my opinion parents need to get on these platforms.

About the Author:

Ms. Sarika Ranjan: I am an ordinary woman with an extraordinary effort to change something for better. I like to pre-occupy myself with one or another work to keep myself away from negative thoughts. I think being emotional is my strength as well as weakness at times.

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