Teachers' Day Contest: Impact Of Media On Children

Social media is an internet based interface that allows an individual to interact and learn various subjects. The media has many applications like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Whatsapp, etc. They are advantageous in their own way by supplying information required and also disadvantageous when undue information is fed into the websites and browsed by children.

The reason behind the society blaming the media is that a child tends to spend most of his precious time in it. The reports of academicians reveal the truth and tell us that there needs to be much concern in this issue. The recent announcement of the Government’s ‘Data Protection Bill’, has given the public the right to force internet companies to delete unwanted posts on their sites.

Children may grow to regret their excessive exposure to media but by the time every egg is pulled out of the basket it would be too late. We are ofcourse aware the there is world of benefit in the social media. To make meticulous use of the same parents must be aware of the healthiness / unhealthiness of the information sites browsed by their kids. Recent studies have revealed startling facts on the adverse effects of the social well-being of an individual.

In a classroom situation a child who has been using the media all through the night is restless and appears tired even early in the day. He/ she refuses to pay attention or concentrate on what is taught or explained in class. Their preoccupied mind constantly tells them that there is a better world outside the classroom where they can learn something different on their own .

A paediatrician plays an unique role in educating families on the complexities of the digital world and the challenging health and social issues . They also help parents to deal with online issues of youth and reduce their anxiety. Theyguide in discussion of topics that were kept in clandestine for ages in an effective manner. In a way pediatricians can support parental effort in engaging the youth to be responsible, sensible and respectful digital citizens. Parents must be aware that 13 years is the most appropriate age for their wards to use websites with online monitoring.

Risks involved in children using social media

Using social websites become a risk as the children easily fall into problems like Cyber bullying, harassment , facebook depression, excessive texting , developing the thumb syndrome, video gaming, sharenting, sending obscene pictures, etc. The current Bluewhale game which had grabbed few lives of youngsters is just a tip of the iceberg. Experts should take immediate action and stop such games which result in ending lives of preteens. When children go online sites like Amazon , Flipcart, etc increase the buying tendencies in adolescents and influence them so much so that they unduly spend and increase parents’ anxiety.