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Book Review by kids - Usborne “Look inside Mummies and Pyramids”

  • My favourite book is Usborne “Look inside Mummies and Pyramids”

  • I picked this book from a museum in New York during my vacation.

  • I picked this book to learn about mummies and pyramids after watching the movie “Mummy” on television long back.

  • I love this book because it has pop-up pages and illustrations are also very nice.

  • It has lot of interesting facts about mummies and pharaohs.

  • I found the part where priestess weeps for the dead king to be very funny. I thought “are they babies to weep so loudly?”

  • I also liked the part where all the body parts were removed and the stored in jars. It was interesting to know that a mummy does not have organs.

  • After reading this book I wanted to read more about Egypt, pharaohs and mummies.

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