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Young Dad Accidentally Killed In YouTube Stunt To Get More Viewers.

Image source: BBC

It cannot get more heartbreaking than this. A 19-year old, pregnant, young mother in rural Minnesota, US, accidentally killed her young husband in front of their 3-year old daughter and a dozen neighbours.

Live on camera to make a YouTube video, Monalisa Perez shot at a book that her husband Pedro Ruiz held in front of his chest, to demonstrate that the thick Encyclopedia will stop the bullet. Unfortunately, it did no such thing. Pedro died before helicopter ambulance could reach him, while Monalisa faces manslaughter charges.

The couple were YouTubers looking to increase their viewership. According Pedro's aunt who raised him, Pedro had been planning this stunt for a while, much against her fears. Monalisa also had tweeted earlier saying it was her husband's idea, much against her wishes. He had a target of 300,000 viewers.

Of course, their YouTube channel, with family vlogs, is going to see a spike in viewership now. But one wonders at the cost.

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