Teachers' Day Contest: Social Media Impact On Children

The influence of social media on our youth is too immense. None of us especially our students are devoid of its pleasure. It is both educative and recreate. Nowadays it has become the most affordable and attractive means of communication and entertainment. Students from every age group entertained themselves by spending many hours on Social media.

Media has contributed greatly in ways that both enlightened and enrich our students, but in other ways it has deteriorated and perplexed it. It depends on how students using the internet as the global information. It also much influenced by the moral background of the student.

The increasing popularity of social sites like twitter, facebook and linked in has gained attention as the most viable communication choice for the student. Social networks have removed all the communication and interaction barriers, and now one can share their thoughts over a variety of topics. Students and teachers are able to share their schoolwork and can ask for the input and opinion on a particular topic.

Another positive impact of social networking sites is to unite people on a huge platform for the achievement of some specific objective like child safe media etc :) this is very important to bring the positive changes in the society. As we know, every coin has two sides, the social media also impacts negatively on student’s life. One of the negative impact of social media is it leads to addiction. Spending countless hours on the social sites can divert the focus and attention from studies. It lowers the motivational level of the people especially students. They mainly rely on technology and the internet instead of learning the practical knowledge. Sometimes students share photos and personal information on social media that contains violence which can damage the behavior of students and can lead them in crime relating activity.

Nowadays there is a flood of cybercafé. Many students keep sitting there in different chambers, play games on computer and connect with someone’s website for idle-gossips. They waste their precious time as well as money. Teens often watch commercials that plant seeds of thought into their minds of what they have to buy and use, as opposed to what they actually need. It creates images that are superficial, as the ultimate goal to find lasting satisfaction. Fashion magazines are also to blame for this glossy covers showcasing models with so called perfect bodies that students idealize and work towards, while compromising on health. The quality of a conversation using social media is awful because you cannot sense the emotion or enthusiasm from the other person. Social networking has ruined the thoughtfulness, Decreases Face-to-Face Communication causes laziness.

An incident happened a few years ago when a group of 7th Std used a library computer to look at an adult site. And immediately the school took a strict decision and suspended those students for a full week. Many schools and individuals use filters like surfwatch, but they must be updated continually to be most effective. Time to time cyber-related workshop also be advisable among the students in the school premises. As a teacher it is our responsibility to make them aware about the misuse of social media. We can give them opportunities to practice social media etiquette in a safe environment and start teaching them how to protect this personal information like don’t use your real name, avoid telling your address’ and be selected with the photos you share. Teachers, parents and students are the 3 sides of a triangle.