Teachers' Day Contest: All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Before the invention of the Computer:

A keyboard was a piano.

A programme was an entertainment show.

An application was a written data for employment.

The mouse was an animal.

Memory was something that you can, lose with age.

Logging was adding wood to Fire.

Cut was what you do with a pocket knife.

Paste was what you do with glue.

A web was a spider’s home.

A Site was a location for a building.

But... today it seems like our ‘online’ and ‘offline’ lives are getting difficult to keep separate, particularly with so many of us owning smart phones. It is as if we are never disconnected from the lives we have built to make a distinction between the virtual and real. Thus the debate continues to be ‘how virtual world affects our real life’.

Posting photos of yourself online can mean trouble for you. People may make use of your photos in a wrong manner. The selfie craze is at an all time high across the world irrespective of the status of the country. Whether it belongs to the third world category or not. The word selfie was not even found in dictionaries of six years ago. It was not much popular until 2014. But no one seems to be ignorant of it today. Just a few years ago there was no smartphone with front camera. But after the development of the ‘smart operating systems’ like iOS and Android almost every smartphone company adopted the front camera and now we are at the stage where even front cameras feature high definition video capturing modes. Taking selfie is now a new kind of social sickness. People who take a lot of selfies are now becoming self-conscious, self-obsessed and are also very particular about their physical appearance. They have become lost in the admiration of themselves. This has been approved by a team of psychologists from the US.

When you take a selfie and post it is any website on the Internet without making it private ther