Teachers' Day Contest: The Impact Of Media On Child Development In The Classroom

Below is the case study of Sam Mody (name changed) from age 0 to age 10.

Often today’s children are oblivious of things that happen around them. Why are Sam and so many children his age so detached, preoccupied, distant and disinterested in the things going on around them? The most plausible explanation is the gadgetry available to young children today.

Definitely, the ‘’New age Pacifier’’ has come to stay! Putting a gadget in a child’s hands is the only way to address tantrums, obstinacy, and stubbornness! Sam has been brought up on these pacifiers. Watching cartoon channels propped up in his cot, to keep him quiet . As he grew so did his need for anything that was electronic. He was always attracted to everyone’s mobiles, spent hours in front of the TV and played video games continuously. If the TV was switched off, all hell broke loose. Sam would yell, scream and cry inconsolably till the wretched thing was switched on again.

More often than not Sam’s mother is relieved, she can attend to all her household chores without disturbance. When he’s four his father hands him a phone of his own. Now there’s no looking back, Sam is not interested in anyone or anything. He’s got lifelong companions!

Sam now goes to school. His parents are excited. It’s his first ‘’big’’ school and they worked hard to get him admitted. But does Sam want to go to school? Oh no, he’s throwing tantrums daily for he can’t leave behind his ‘’First Loves’’ the gadgets that he’s grown up with for five years! Every day is an insufferable ordeal for his parents. When they do accomplish that, Sam sits at table playing for the last time on his I Pad while his distraught parents try to get him ready for school. Sam will not leave his toy behind and so for the sake of peace the I Pad goes along too. There are tantrums and there’s howling and finally with the assistance of the teacher Sam is brought to class. It is observed that from day one Sam is not interested in anything. He continuously asks when it’s time for him to go home and for obvious reasons.

Sam’s grades are falling. He’s a recluse and is unhappy in school. His parents are worried and seek the advice of his teachers. They advice the parents to get Sam to play games like Football or Cricket . He’s also advised to call a few friends over and play, run, skate or cycle in the compound. His parents try to follow the teachers’ advice, but it’s taking a while.

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