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Teachers' Day Contest: The Impact Of Media On Children

Just imagine one day you wake up and couldn't find your phone or you find that your internet at home or office is not working... I know your life would be chaos... So this condition is when you had lived your childhood without all these gadgets and apps and social media but today's generation comes out from Mother's womb with cyber brain! This is due to overexposure of social media and lots of content available just a click away... Exposure of new technology according to age is mandatory and beneficial but exposure without thinking and logic can shatter the young mind as well as whole life of individual. Nowadays one game "Blue Whale" is getting famous for all the wrong reasons. Out of curiosity more and more children are getting involved in this. They are doing this without knowing the fatal consequences, and how it has been playing havoc in young people's mind. This has to be stopped right away, but can be only done with coherent ways such as counseling workshops to educate children as well as adults to tell them advantages and disadvantages of various media and latest technologies. It should be the duty of the parents and the educators to take interest in children's issues and diligently resolve it! Give them exposure to other things and activities like good books, sports other educational activities. And minimize or monitor the time of online activities through phones, computer and television As a parent, keep a close watch on children at home - what content they are browsing on the computer and watching on TV. Respect the guidelines of usage of any app and any website and teach your children the same. Let our children indulge in something more beneficial that shall help to nurture his skills intelligence.

About the Author:

Ms. Charu Arora is a teacher under training at DipShah Institute, Ghaziabad.

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